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A stunningly painted Sisters Army takes on this eye catch Tyranids Army in Round 1 of Arc40k. .
The Battle is fierce here in Round 1
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1 week to go!!! The venue is looking schmick, and our final meeting went awesome!
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Arc40k 2020 - Upcoming tournament Quick update to let you know we'll be (attempting) filming battle reports at the upcoming tournament, Arc40k. Keep an eye out for further updates.
Folks! There is still time to get on board!! just click the 'Buy a Ticket' button!!!
Crimson Fists vs Craftworlds 2000 Point Warhammer 40k Battle Report We take a look at the firepower of the Crimson Fists against the evasiveness of the Alaitoc. Which will prevail?
Lists can be found on our Facebook page:
(note: this game was filmed before Chapter Approved 2019 was released)
Black Templars vs Emperor's Children 2000 Point Warhammer 40k Battle Report Loyalist and traitors clash in this bloody Maelstrom. Who will win the Tactical Gambit? Watch and see.
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