02 Mar, 2019 - 03 Mar, 2019





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Malvern Town Hall, Victoria Australia

2019 Player List

Player Name
Aaron Davidson
Adam Camilleri
Adam Dorney
Adam Letchford
Adam McAninly
Adam Rae
Adam Trpcevski
Adrian Sharrock
Alexander Karney-Jeffrey
Andrew Armstrong
Andrew Bell
Andrew Berkin
Andrew Chew
Andrew Clayton
Andrew Sampsonidis
Andrew Strazzeri
Angus Somerville
Anthony Quilty
Anthony Lockstone
Anthony Tittensor
Anthony Whitlock
Ash Greeves
Bailey Gilmour
Bailey Reilly
Basti Ulrikson
Ben Clarke
Ben Crowther
Ben Kennedy
Ben Leong
Ben Rigby
Ben Zagami
Blake Henderson
Brad Thomson
Brenton Miles
Brenton Shaw
Cameron Davidson
Cameron Auty
Cameron Flynn
Charlie Gerrand
Chris Busuttil
Chris Churcher
Chris Ingle
Chris Johnson
Christian Dzwonkowski
Connor Chrisfield
Damian Sharrock
Daniel Faoro
Daniel Gilmour
Daniel McCurdy
Daniel Silver
Dave Munro
David Carter
David How
David Manz
David Price
David Umana
David Walker
Dirk Pawlik
Dylan Down
Ellyett Cranswick
Erwin Jackson
Giuseppe Licciardello
Heath Millman
Heath Stephenson
Huon Thomson
Iain Andrew
Jack Kennard
Jack McCormick
Jacob Holz
James Buysen
James Mason
James Turnbull
Jared Casement
Jared O'Callaghan
Jason Brown
Jason Guthrie
Jason Sheard
Jeremy Brooke
Jeremy Smart
Jesse Coppel
Jethro Tierney
John Dalmau
John Donlan
John Lipscombe
John Papageorgiou
Jon Vegar
Joseph Saliba
Joshua Diffey
Joshua Lessing
Kane Tucker
Keith Birkett
Kenneth Rolland
Kieron Simpson
Lachlan Augello
Lachlan Bryce
Lachlan Kwa
Leigh Mason
Leigh Gartlan
Leigh Ormsby
Leslie Goode
Logan Arnold
Luke Francis
Mark Thornett
Matt Kent
Matt Mosca
Matthew Eaton
Michael Blair
Micheal Brittain
Mike Constantinou
Mike Los
Miro Bellini
Mitch Wragg
Nathan Caulfield
Nick Kelly
Nick Steel
Oliver Thoren
Paul Greenwood
Paul John Vrazas
Paul Lucas Duggan
Pavel Koulikov
Peter Notley
Peter Rees
Pierce Chrisfield
Richard Wood
Rick Elliss
Rick McKay
Rob Fuller
Robert Lane
Roger Birkett
Ross Armstrong
Russell Miller
Russell Wilson
Ryan brown
Ryan Kirby
Ryan Wagenvoort
Ryland Davies
Ryland Hodgson
Sam Shinners
Scott Jordan
Scott Livori
Scott MacKenzie
Sean Wride
Shane Kennedy
Shane Saunders
Sheamus Caulfield
Steve Howard
Steven Callis
Tim Luckman
Tim Robarts
Tim Wagstaff
Timothy Smith
Toby Farmer
Tom Anderson
Tom Rampton
Tristan Bone
Tye Wilson
Tyson Gleeson
Vaimoa Asa Leausa
William Dalmau
William Walters

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If you havent been an Arc40k Event then it is the perfect event for you to start your journey into competitive play. The fun atmosphere combined with some of the best armies you will see make it a genuinely pleasurable hobby weekend.

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We are returning to the Malvern Town Hall for 2019

Malvern Town Hall

311 Glenferrie Rd, Malvern VIC 3144

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