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Malvern Town Hall, Victoria Australia

Arc40k 2k18 is run, done and won! Below are the results from Australia’s premier Hobby Event weekend!

A big thanks again to all those who helped organise the event, and importantly our Sponsors, Hall of Heroes in Sydney, Knights of Dice, & Miniature Scenery all came through and helped us out immensely!  We also managed to raise almost $860 for the Guide Dogs of Australia. As well we helped out some other tournaments on the Calendar this year, through the Great Tournament Raffle. The proceeds of this raffle each year, go back into either the Arc40k event, or as we are doing this year, building some new Terrain for Tournaments to use in 2019.  All in all a fantastic weekend where the community got together and had some fun rolling some dice.

To the final results! All Results are final, Sports and Battle remain as entered by Players into ArcScore over the weekend. Painting is the Average score of 3 independent judges. Comp is a combination of the opinion of our expert panel, and tick boxes from the Player Pack.

CHAMPION – Giuseppe Licciardello
2nd – Ryan Kirby
3rd – Adam Rae

4th – Matt Morosoli
5th – Leigh Gartlan
6th – Ben Zagami
7th – Brod McMurdo
8th – Russell Wilson
9th – Roger Birkett
10th – Adam McAninly

Top 5 Best Sports

Robert Lane – Best Sport
Vaimoa Asa Leusa
Nathan Caulfield
Dr. Ash Greeves
Gavin Roberts

Player’s Choice

Player’s Choice – Dave Umana (Eldar Army – Waterfalls)
2nd Place – Chris Buttusil (Adeptus Mechanicus)
3rd Place – Damien Stallard (Imperial Fist Primaris)
TO Choice Army – Eddie Joyce (Night Lords)

Best General

Best General – James Smith
2nd Place – Roger Birkett
3rd Place – David Price
Worst General – Mark Basterfield

Many thanks to all the players who put in a tremendous effort all year round to bring the very highest standard of models to the event each year!

See you in 2019!

Final Results for Arc40k 2k18

CHAMPIONGiuseppe Licciardello100119413410304
2Ryan Kirby9911238409298
3Adam Rae91113334410291
4Matt Morosoli11110035387291
5Leigh Gartlan96111333810288
6Ben Zagami9411039369288
7Brod McMurdo94109363810287
8Russell Wilson88108354610287
9Roger Birkett10592413810286
10Adam McAninly10311029349285
11James Smith10497314210284
12 (HPGTDWA)Adam Trpcevski71114464210283
13Joseph Saliba90107383810283
14Ben Crowther90112363410282
15Adam Camilleri84110364210282
16Daniel Faoro8810743349281
17Tom Saj83112393410278
18David Umana81111423410278
19Jon Vegar91108313810278
20 (BEST NOOB)Jason Shenton8510734447277
21Joshua Diffey93109303410276
22Jason Guthrie10010532344275
23Lachlan Kwa85110274210274
24William Dalmau77116323810273
25Tim Luckman7211336448273
26Adam Dorney8111031429273
27Dean Sinnbeck90101304210273
28David Price1029036387273
29Nick Steel9299333810272
30Robert Lane6711831469271
31Shane Saunders71114383810271
32Andrew Strazzeri7711231429271
33Damien Stallard79100483410271
34Scott Livori969831388271
35Bailey Reilly8310833388270
36Ben Clarke8810035425270
37Michael Blair81103294610269
38Nathan Caulfield7211724469268
39Leigh Ormsby66112423810268
40Ryland Hodgson7910831428268
41Anthony Quilty7410637429268
42Erwin Jackson8510237368268
43Sean Wride7311332408266
44John Dalmau1009328387266
45Daniel Silver7710730429265
46Peter Dillon8198373810264
47Edward Joyce49116444410263
48Rick McKay7810632407263
49Rohan Cram63116353810262
50John Papageorgiou8311125385262
51Jacob Holz89103303010262
52Alex Karney77100354010262
53Keith Birkett938339387260
54Christopher Ingle829927447259
55Paul Greenwood869830369259
56Adrian Sharrock7011138327258
57Justin Clark7310739309258
58Alex Jackson7010437389258
59Ben Leong74102462610258
60Anthony Whitlock8310129369258
61Mike Los5711741348257
62Miro Bellini7111525388257
63Chris Busuttil6610737389257
64Andrew Clayton6910733426257
65Harrison Parker8310125426257
66Oliver Thoren72101324210257
67Andrew Chew809830427257
68Shane Heppenstall1138326269257
69Jeremy Brooke5711430469256
70Anthony Coleman-Fraser78109352410256
71Gavin Roberts5711731428255
72Olivier Bastard7511029365255
73Cameron Adams6410838387255
74Jack McCormack7210331409255
75Andrew Armstrong8510028348255
76Shane Kennedy719732469255
77Mitchell Gibson4811834468254
78Ryland Davies6211027469254
79Mark Chadwick7310933309254
80Connor Chrisfield57107344610254
81Vaimoa Asa Leusa48118374010253
82Chris LaMacchia61106304610253
83Charlie Gerrand7611723306252
84Ryan Brown7310822427252
85Mitch Wragg7510229424252
86Tim Robarts879530328252
87Ash Greeves6011930348251
88Stephen Howard6611523407251
89Dan Banks7810127387251
90Adam Letchford7798363010251
91Andrew Wood5111635426250
92Christopher Carman6011524429250
93Ethan Cooke6311124466250
94Rick Elliss739539349250
95Steven Callis7191403810250
96David Carter74104293210249
97Paul Vrazas58104354210249
98Cameron Davidson729932388249
99Leigh Abbey1037530329249
100Jérôme Dechelotte7511323307248
101Chris Churcher5911031408248
102Jeremy Smart6910434347248
103Sam Meihuizen7810226420248
104Angus Somerville56114333410247
105Brad Thomson6410634349247
106Craig Clark49101424410246
107Kenneth Rolland7010825348245
108Michael Conti6810429368245
109Ellyett Cranswick779332348244
110Brenton Miles719434385242
111Jack Smith5311726387241
112Harley Dyson65107213810241
113Aaron Davidson6910427328240
114Daniel Martin6810029349240
115Sebastian Ulrichs7210030326240
116James Mason67106302610239
117Hayden Manskie549937426238
118Jason Brown708833389238
119Greg Gough5711123388237
120Leslie Goode50107264410237
121Nathan Hystek589926468237
122Ross Armstrong6010626386236
123Jethro Tierney838923347236
124Norrie Thompson5210728408235
125Russell Miller5810617468235
126Logan Arnold48104324010234
127Luke Francis669520467234
128Micheal Brittain699428367234
129Michael Boles5010737309233
130Andrew Cheetham5110725446233
131Mark Deal6110525346231
132Sam Stephens6210123387231
133Matthew McQuillan6396283410231
134Curtis Hodgson679423460230
135Anthony O'Brien648933368230
136Josh Leondaris757834349230
137Adam Synoradski8410326106229
138Greg Carroll5411226269227
139Timothy Smith8468313410227
140Duc Le828019387226
141Jonathan Lowe5410121388222
142Anthony Tittensor579620406219
143Elaam Flett669627186213
144Craig Givan369330464209
145Mark Basterfield3211224305203
146Andrew Berkin608418286196
Results for Arc40k 2k18 - These results are final. Battle & Sport Scores are as entered by Players taken directly from ArcScore. Paint is an Avg of 3 individual Judges. Comp is a combination of the tick box comp system and the opinion of our Panel. We use Sportsmanship as a tiebreaker.

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If you havent been an Arc40k Event then it is the perfect event for you to start your journey into competitive play. The fun atmosphere combined with some of the best armies you will see make it a genuinely pleasurable hobby weekend.

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