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Malvern Town Hall, Victoria Australia

Arc40k 2019 - Awards!

2019 Arc40k Champion – Leigh Tresidder

Top 10

2nd – David Umana

3rd – Leigh Ormsby

4th – Robert Lane

5th – Kieron Simpson

6th – Cam Auty

7th – Adam Camilleri

8th – Matt Eaton

9th – Dirk Pawlik

10th – Bailey Reilly

Player’s Choice Army

1st – Roger Birkett

2nd – Andrew Long

3rd – Cameron Adams

TO’s Choice Army – Eddie Joyce

Best Theme – Ben Zagami

Best Sports – Nathan Caulfield

Top 5 Best Sports

Nathan Caulfield

Vaimoa Asa Leasusa

Chris Churcher

Shane Saunders

Jethro Tierney

Best General – Leigh Abbey

Top 5 Generals

Leigh Abbey

Leigh Tresidder

Leigh Ormsby

David Umana

Bailey Reilly

Top 10 Best Armies

Andrew Long

Leigh Tresidder

Roger Birkett

Mike Constantinou

Cam Auty

Daniel Faoro

Rick Elliss

Chris Ingle

Lachlan Staines

Nicholas Heading

ChampionLeigh Tresidder1461085326333
2David Umana1531045322332
3Leigh Ormsby1431044424315
4Robert Lane1361013630303
5Kieron Simpson140994519303
6Cameron Auty1171074830302
7Adam Camilleri1251014432302
8Matthew Eaton138934130302
9Dirk Pawlik1321044025301
10Bailey Reilly149854324301
11Nick Heading1181045421297
12Basti Ulrikson1241043628292
13William Dalmau130973332292
14Rick McKay991044840291
15Erwin Jackson128814438291
16Russell Wilson129993626290
17Adam Rae1231053427289
18Leigh Abbey154892917289
19Anthony Whitlock1151023932288
20Andrew Strazzeri1081064330287
21Leigh Gartlan1231043822287
22Mado Rethus130983227287
23Keith Birkett1081064526285
24Jason Guthrie1211043624285
25Elliot Poynton1191013430284
26Ryan Kirby1161074416283
27Jarrod Brehaut1171053922283
28Andrew Clayton1131053530283
29James Mason124953430283
30James Kilborn1161033528282
31Rob Fuller111993834282
32Joseph Saliba115984425282
33Rick Elliss981055127281
34John Papageorgiou1141053526280
35Norrie Thompson1111034224280
36Connor Chrisfield1141043922279
37Andrew Armstrong136932624279
38Jason Brown130933323279
39Ben Clarke881065034278
40Lachlan Staines901035134278
41Mitch Wragg981024038278
42Ellyett James Cranswick117914228278
43John Dalmau1241012824277
44Jack Smith1031013340277
45Brenton Miles971034036276
46Daniel Faoro881065328275
47Cameron Adams1051014227275
48Scott Livori110994422275
49Adam McAninly127853825275
50Chris Churcher831105227272
51Daniel Silver116863436272
52Kenneth Rolland971073532271
53David Price1011014623271
54Damien Cooper1141003324271
55Anthony Quilty1111063122270
56Paul John Vrazas1001063826270
57Mark Deal112944024270
58Shane Saunders881094230269
59Jesse Coppel1061003627269
61Nathan Bragonje118972923267
62Nick Steel127853322267
63Alexander Karney-Jeffrey122834022267
64Lachlan Bryce871073438266
65Edward Joyce104834732266
66Andrew Chew111973324265
67Chris Ingle96964726265
68Paul Greenwood111953524265
69Richard Wood871053636264
70Ben Crowther951044322264
71Nathan Caulfield961112630263
72Tim Luckman801074630263
73Peter Notley102943532263
74Blake Henderson1051052428262
75Christian Dzwonkowski108952732262
76Adam Letchford101894131262
77Harrison Parker126782830262
78Kieren Howard117903222261
79Scott Jordan931063130260
80Roger Birkett851024924260
81Micheal Brittain1001073121259
82Ben Zagami871024624259
83Ben Leong891004327259
84Steven Callis99923632259
85Thomas Bowden931072830258
86Joshua Diffey1061053116258
87Curtis hodgson110852934258
88Timothy Smith115882826257
89Ryland Davies89994028256
90Tristan Bone85993636256
91Tim Wagstaff102873630255
92Vaimoa Asa Leausa91111439254
93Anthony O'Brien931033424254
94Kane Tucker83945026253
95Nathan Rhodes116762734253
96Dylan Down861093225252
97Mike Constantinou83984724252
98Michael Conti931003919251
99Jérôme La Deche981042919250
100Tim Robarts121862914250
101Jason Sheard991023117249
102Tim Best981032027248
103Andrew Long62975534248
104Ryan Alldis93882938248
105Gary Morris116991022247
106Angus Somerville791003432245
107Adam Trpcevski78884732245
108Tom Rampton94874024245
109Andy Kasian881073019244
110Jack McCormick1061012016243
111Jacob Holz113743323243
112Olivier Bastard871083413242
113Brenton Shaw831043421242
114Aaron Davidson87983621242
115Adrian Sharrock106803422242
116Brad Thomson85973524241
117Jared O'Callaghan911013018240
118Shane Kennedy99913119240
119Paul Lucas Duggan651064323237
120Jethro Tierney581094425236
121Jeremy Brooke86913227236
122Jon Lowe75982834235
123Heath Millman87973417235
124Rohan Cram59914638234
125Ash Greeves591073235233
126John Lipscombe851022719233
127Jonathan Burn84902534233
128Tye Wilson821012821232
129Pierce Chrisfield83963419232
130Rob Crane631083228231
131Adam Synoradski93902424231
132Will Healy791092517230
133David Carter721014116230
134David How731072919228
135Cameron Davidson61953438228
136Sam Shinners85883520228
137Logan Arnold89804019228
138Jon Vegar74893727227
139Steve Howard591042538226
140Trent Duncan-Jones86892821224
141Andrew Bell89772830224
142Pavel Koulikov651012531222
143Ross Armstrong78942525222
144Kristian Wasilewski611003426221
145Sheamus Caulfield61973132221
146Christopher Noone86102725220
147Dave Munro421062840216
148Anthony Lockstone581013125215
149Brock Pye701052513213
150Andrew Berkin75932322213
151Richard Moore67982715207
152Samuel Meihuizen79821922202
153Miro Bellini361062132195
154Russell Miller62862416188
155David Guevara48912424187
156Fergus Hamilton67692027183
157James Turnbull61453029165
158Ryland Hodgson48443536163
159John Riordan27534130151
160Matthew Campi36543813141
161Tyson Gleeson37502112120
162Joshua Lessing10353536116

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